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Make Events has an outstanding award ceremonies event management team, dedicated to making the event special and memorable.  We do it all – planning, design, organisation and to top it off we have a huge bank of trusted staff on hand to deliver the perfect award ceremony when the time comes. 


Award ceremonies management requires careful planning and attention to detail in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  When a client  tells us their award ceremony event requirements, they can leave the rest to us.  With our  knowledge, contacts, and vast experience, we do award ceremony event management that goes beyond expectations.

Award Ceremonies FAQs

Awards ceremonies are typically events that honour the achievements of individuals or organisations. They are designed to show appreciation and to celebrate the achievements of individuals.  There are two variations of award ceremonies: internal and external.  Internal awards ceremonies are usually held for company employees and externally they are focused on a specific and wider industry.  


The nature of the ceremony will determine the types of awards being presented.  At an internal awards ceremony there would usually be a long service award, a team impact award, a newcomer award, among others. An external awards ceremony might feature awards that are more related to the wider sector such as those that recognise leadership, impact and innovation within a particular field.

They usually last for several hours, depending on the number of awards that are being presented and the type of ceremony taking place. In general, award ceremonies are structured to include a few speeches from presenters, a few performances from musicians or other entertainers, and then the presentation of awards. The length of an awards ceremony can vary greatly depending on how many awards are being presented and how much time is allotted for each award recipient’s acceptance speech.

An awards ceremony is a great way to recognise hard work and dedication and to motivate people to strive for excellence. The typical format for an awards ceremony includes a welcome address, presentation of awards, entertainment, and closing remarks. Depending on the type of event, there may also be speeches from award winners or special guests. In addition, there may be food served, music played, and other activities that make the event memorable for attendees.

During an awards ceremony there are many activities that take place. These activities include presentations of awards and trophies, speeches from the award recipients, performances from artists, and other entertainment. Additionally, there may be a formal dinner or reception for those attending the ceremony. Awards ceremonies are sometimes broadcasted live on television or streamed online so that people all over the world can watch and celebrate with those being honoured.  The activities chosen for an awards ceremony will contribute to ensuring a unique and remarkable event, which is remembered by all.