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What are Hybrid Events and why you should consider them

To create a hybrid event, you take your live event, complete with an audience, content, and more, and you add a virtual component to it so your audience can participate and engage with your event, no matter where they are.

So, why would you use Hybrid Events?

Venue Limitations – Due to COVID-19, there are limitations on how many people you can physically fit in a venue, hybrid is the perfect way to reach audiences that either can’t make it or don’t feel comfortable in a live setting just yet.

Accessibility – For those with disabilities or childcare needs, hybrid events are perfect. Denise Mapp said on The Make Events Show Industry Panel: “People do crave the interaction of live, but my concern is how do we include those who don’t feel comfortable? How do we minimise the risk for these people?”

Increased Reach – Hybrid events allow attendees to join in from anywhere in the world. At the Make Events Show, we had 900+ attendees from over 20 countries. If we’d done this as a live event, the attendees would have been 100-200 maximum. With a hybrid event, you lower the barrier to entry for both demographics – those who want to attend, but can’t, and those who are unsure if your event is worth their time.

Reduced environmental impact – Should we really be flying speakers across the world to give a one-hour keynote? We’ve already seen the impact that reduced travel has had on the environment. While face-to-face meetings are still important, going hybrid is a great way to accommodate attendees who might feel guilty about their personal carbon footprint.

Improved return on investment – Due to the increased reach, hybrid offers increased ROI. For live events, ROI is tricky to calculate due to all of the moving pieces but with website and session views you can truly see what your audience is enjoying the most.

But how do you ensure everyone feels included? We can work with your specific needs but methods such as everyone receiving the same pre-event communications and creating an app/event website that is accessible from your phone can be used!

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