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“It’s all about mindset” Paul Cheetham on bouncing back following COVID-19

On Friday 26th March, we hosted our very own virtual event, The Make Events Show.

The last 12 months have been tough on everyone, but the events industry has had very limited support and sadly a lot of business haven’t survived the wrath of the pandemic. But Make Events is still standing and has continue to grow, develop and pivot throughout the year.

Someone who has helped Make Events is our Non-Exec Director Paul Cheetham Karcz. Paul is the author of Taking Care of Business but also a motivational speaker.

His keynote at The Make Events Show was on the UK economy and how we will bounce back in the future. He talked through the recent budget, the current economy, and what he thinks is just around the corner for us all. You can watch his full talk here. (Skip to 18.50)

Here’s what we learnt…

It’s imperative the events industry gets back on its feet
The government will not get back to normality until hospitality, leisure and travel is back to normal.  So, it is absolutely imperative for this government to get these industries back to normal functionality.

“I think they will come back, and they will come back with a bang. I tried to book a restaurant in Manchester for a weekend in April and was told they haven’t got any evening availability, for a table for 2, until the middle of summer.  I think events will be the same.”

Live events are needed for the mental health pandemic
Right now, no one wants to be the first large corporate to look like it is being negligent towards its staff by booking large events.

“I think what will happen, is once the country is open, we will be hit by a new pandemic.  A mental health pandemic.  And I think that the narrative will change from it being negligent to want to hold a large gathering, for it to be negligent to not promote social gatherings, because a lot of people are suffering right now, and they need this social interaction going forward as their medicine!”

As a result, jobs in this industry will come flooding back quicker than what might seem possible at the moment.

Strike now!
Are you going to sit back and wait and follow what other companies do first, because there may well be some gains still to be had, being a part of a pack, but they won’t be the biggest gains.

“The big gains will be had, by the people that dust themselves off, ‘pivot’ as Holly would say, and push forward with confidence, leading the revival rather than just being a part of it.”

It’s all about mindset
You can lumber through it and go along with the wave of a booming economy, or you can lead it, in whatever position you hold, and make stuff happen.

“Whatever you do, regardless of the issues you may have had during the last 12 months, and we have all had them, look forward now not backwards, use the lessons you have learnt during COVID, be agile, find ways to thrive in the economic rebound and make now count!”

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