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EventsLAB | Dancing Drones, Tape Graffiti, Tomorrowland

EventsLAB is Make Events’ R&D session, where once a month we take time out and fully immerse ourselves with inspiring tech, venues and experiences from around the world.

In these sessions, the whole team runs through recent creative pitches and share the things that have caught our attention and inspired us that month.

We then discuss how these ideas could be integrated into our client events to enhance the guest experience.

Here are a few of the ideas that were generated at our latest session…

1. Dancing Drones
The application of drone technology is evolving at incredible pace. Once reserved for aerial photography of an event, we are now seeing drones being used as part of the performance. We first noticed these at Coachella where 420 drones created the geometric logo of ODEZA above their set at the Californian festival. The lightweight drones emit more than 4 billion colours and are custom built to fly with only one pilot! These would be great to use for an outdoor event that isn’t allowed fireworks due to sound restrictions. See video below!

2. Taking inspiration from theatre sets
Stage sets with a difference really stand out and can be the focal point of a room; think theatre sets such as the ones below. This is a constant source of inspiration for us and we have used a similar style at previous events such as the Neon Masquerade gauze that we created for Citation and the Teapot DJ booth for our recent Summer Party for The Hut Group.3. Voting Wall
An interactive way to see what delegates thought on topics of the day. This makes surveys much more of a fun experience than getting a piece of paper at the end of a conference. Use the data to shape the day and collate the live data to see what your delegates want to hear.

4. Tape Graffiti
Non-destructive graffiti in the form of tape art can be created live and shaped as logos or directions around a conference. See the video below for more information!

5. Tomorrowland
A music festival with a difference, Tomorrowland is a completely immersive experience where guests are transported to a magical land of house music and crazy set designs. One of our team members had the opportunity to attend this years festival and introduced the team to a range of new ideas to incorporate into our future events!

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