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Conference Boxes FAQs

Conference boxes are an excellent way to make a long-lasting impression on conference attendees.  They have become an essential part of the modern conference experience and are curated to enhance engagement, create a sense of connection, and provide a memorable experience for attendees.


In today’s digital world, where virtual conferences have become the norm, conference boxes offer a tangible way to bridge the gap between physical and virtual events. These boxes are carefully crafted with relevant and meaningful items that align with the conference theme or objectives.


They can be used to welcome attendees before the event, providing them with materials and resources to prepare for what lies ahead. During the conference, these boxes can be used as interactive tools, containing materials for workshops or activities that complement presentations and discussions.


Conference boxes serve as powerful networking tools. By including items such as business cards, branded merchandise, or even snacks and beverages, they facilitate meaningful connections among attendees who may not have had the opportunity to meet face-to-face.


Stuck for ideas?  Let our team at Make Events curate a bespoke conference box that has real impact at your conference.

Absolutely.  Nothing goes into a conference box that hasn’t been carefully selected for the specific event.  Ensuring that your box – or envelope, if that’s what works better for your event – aligns with your agenda, we customise the box to facilitate the conference conversation and the flow and energy of the day.


Hosting a virtual event?  We can customise your conference box to bring the essence of the event into people’s homes or other remote locations.

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